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Full Body Hair Removal

As always Ship Shape Tan & Spa uses only the
highest quality products available!


"Best brow wax I've had in years!" - Larissa

"Pain-free Brazilian :)" - Ellen

By appointment only
Please call (360) 210-7565 to check for appointment availability.


Brows        $20
Underarms    $25
Lip or chin        $15
Nostils or ears      $15
Brazilian        $75
Bikini             $55
Large Area     $60 +
For waxing, hair must be approximately 1/2" long
Longer hair will result in higher charges (& can be painful)
Please inform us if this is your first wax, so we can go over prep & care with you.

Organic Facials      $75
Add on:
Acne Relief or Age Defy      $15
Non-invasive Rejuvenation Peel    $25
(organic alternative to microderm abrasion)

20% off regular prices for new clients, renewals, regular maintenance wax, or multiple areas
Call for additional pricing or specials (360) 210-7565